Using Hemp Oil over Milk Paint

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Today I wanted to show you how to use our Sweet Pickins Hemp Oil as a sealant over milk painted furniture and projects. Hemp Oil is a wonderful, natural oil from the Hemp plant, which can be used to revive old wood, but can also be used on any porous surface, including milk painted furniture. As well as being totally non toxic, it is also  food safe, so is often used by woodworkers who make kitchen items such as bowls and spoons.It gives a wonderful low sheen lustre , without too much darkening of you chosen milk paint colour.

In this project, I used it to seal a lovely little tea tray which I had painted with two coats od Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Mercantile, a beautiful pale dove grey. It had also been decorate with one of our new rub-on decor transfers by Prima. (They are so easy to apply, and add instantcharacter to your piece. Watch this video by Prima to see just how easy!)

But back to the Hemp Oil!

This is such a lovely product to use, and so easy to apply. Simply brush on liberally with a clean paint brush, leave for 20-30 minutes, then wipe off the excess with a lint free cloth. (We have a wonderful product called 'Better than Cheesecloth' which does a wonderful job!)  Let the first coat dry for two hours, then repeat. Apply a third coat for items which will be exposed to heavy use or regular washing. 

Your piece will be dry enough to use 24 hours after the final coat, but will continue 'curing' (absorbing into the wood) for about 30 days. 

Here is a little video showing how I did it. 


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