Milk Paint on Raw wood

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Milk Paint is like a richy coloured stain

Because it soaks in similar to a stain, Milk Paint is THE best paint to use on a raw wood surface with no existing finish. 

Milk Paint has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, so naturally it was originally created at home to be used on natural surfaces and in particular on wood. And when Charles Thibeau recreated Old Fashioned Milk Paint  - the first commercially produced milk paint - back in 1974, he used the same natural ingredients and earth pigments that had always been used. 

Milk Paint is thinner than modern paints, so it absorbs into raw wood like a stain instead of sitting and drying on top like other paints. However, because the deep, rich natural pigments used, you still get the solid opaque coverage of paint.

The most durable paint!

There are still wonderful examples of Early American painted furniture with the original milk paint finish. In fact if you find any true antique piece which has its original paint, you can be sure it is milk paint. The fact is, it is almost impossible to remove from wood, because it absorbs so deep into the grain. 

Although these days most furniture pieces being upcycled have some sort of existing finish, it really is worth trying out on raw wood projects. It is a joy to use and will give the wood the most beautiful rich colour with a velvety smooth finish. 

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