Milk Paint Extra Bond

  • £16.95

EXTRA-BOND is a water-based polymer emulsion. When added to the first coat of Milk Paint it gives the paint greater adhesion to non-porous or previously finished surfaces. As an adjunct to Milk Paint, it is used by custom furniture builders, interior designers, craftsmen, and do-it-yourselfers on difficult surfaces. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, low odor and voc-free.

To use, mix the milk paint powder with water as normal, then add up to an equal quantity of Extra Bond liquid.  Often less Extra Bond will do the job, e.g. 2 parts paint/1 part Extra Bond, dependant on the surface being painted. Ideally, test with this ratio on a small area to check for adhesion. 

1 American Pint (16floz/454ml)