Base (No Pigment) Milk Paint

  • £18.50

Authentic ~ Durable ~ Beautiful ~ Safe


***We now offer un-pigmented for the painter/artist who wants to add their own pigments! "Base" is simply our milk paint formula with no pigment added; some customers like to add their own 'universal tinting' colours or other water soluble pigments to create totally bespoke colours which can't be achieved by mixing our our blends. If possible use lime-proof pigments as the lime in the paint tends to bleach out colour.  Base on its own is translucent.***

Old Fashioned Milk Paint arrives in powder form to be mixed with water, and can be made up  in small or large batches. It is available in 32 historic base colours, often found in Early American/Colonial decor, but you can mix the powders together to create any desired shade, or lighten any colour with Snow White. 

Old Fashioned Milk Paint was the first commercially produced milk paint, a re-creation of the ancient home-made formula used for centuries before the sale of commercially made paints. Beloved of woodworkers, furniture restorers, interior designers, artisans and upcyclers, it is an authentic period finish for use in the restoration or reproduction of antiques or other wood projects, to achieve vintage colour in a flat finish. Milk Paint is the most colour durable paint available on porous surfaces (it will not fade!), and is also ideal for aging techniques such as distressing, chipping or crackling. It can be sealed with our flat varnish, wax or oil. 

As milk paint contains only natural ingredients such as milk protein (casein), lime and earth pigments, it is completely non-toxic, baby-safe, food-safe and biodegradable. (Read more)  


** All our packaging can be recycled, including our sample bags **


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