Milk Paint Extra Bond

  • £16.95

** Unfortunately, the factory that supplies our Extra Bond is closed due to Covid restrictions, and is unlikely to restart production until the end of 2021. We are working hard to find an alternative in the short term, but in the meantime remember that our Farmhouse Finishes Safepaint can be used on most non- porous surfaces without the addition of Extra Bond**


EXTRA-BOND is a water-based polymer emulsion. When added to the first coat of Milk Paint it gives the paint greater adhesion to non-porous or previously finished surfaces, including evern glass, enamel, primed metal, laminate or plastics, as well old paint or varnish. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, low odor and voc-free.

To use, mix the milk paint powder with water as normal, then add up the Extra Bond liquid in a ratio f two parts paint/one part Extra bond. More Extra Bond can be added if required, up to equal parts paint/bond. Ideally, test with this ratio on a small area to check for adhesion - see full instructions on the bottle. Clean up with soap and water. 

1 American Pint (16floz/454ml)

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