SAFEPAINT for Walls Gallon Bag (Makes 3.8 Litres)

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Authentic Milk Paint for Walls

SafePaint is a milk paint formulated for use on walls. Our original formula was created for porous surfaces like wood and masonry. SafePaint was formulated for use on non-porous surfaces such as previously painted walls and new sheetrock. It will also adhere to other surfaces such as metal, or prior finished wood, cabinetry, furniture, etc. And you can certainly use it on porous surfaces like bare wood as well.

Safepaint doesn't have the "old world", uneven, mottled look of our original formula. It's flat, but much more uniform and consistent over a large area. It is more water resistant than our original paint, but on surfaces expected to take a lot of abuse you may want to put a clear sealer over the paint. SafePaint is washable once cured.

Safepaint for Walls arrives in powder form, but it is easily mixed, especially at higher speeds with a drill paint paddle or a portable kitchen beater. You just add water and mix.

It is available in all twenty colours of our existing palette of Milk Paint. And just like our original formula, SafePaint powders may be blended together to create other colors.


Powder Weight Makes Up Coverage
Safepaint Quart Bag 16oz / 450g 0.95 litres 7 squ metres
Safepaint Gallon Bag 64oz / 1.8KG 3.80 litres 30 squ metres


Safepaint can be made up in small or large batches, and leftover powder can be stored in indefinitely in an airtight container. However once mixed with water, it will need to be used immediately (or within 24 hours if refrigerated overnight).