Eco Union 1 Inch Paint Brush

  • £4.50

AWARD WINNING Eco Union 'Made in Britain' eco friendly paint brushes are handcrafted, professional quality paint brushes, formulated for superior results.

  • Handles are made from bamboo, lighter than oak, highly durable and comes from a fast growing, sustainable natural resource
  • Ferrule is made from recycled stainless steel
  • Filaments are made from a blended mixture of recycled natural and synthetic bristle designed to provide a lifetime of use and deliver consistently excellent results with all paint types.
  • All brushes are solid, round tapered (SRT) tipped and flagged
  • Packaging made in the UK on FSC stock, using vegetable inks and certified carbon offset.

1" Brush

Width: 25mm

Thickness: 11mm

Perfect for furniture restoration or other precise, detailed painting where minimal paint is required.